On the way back to my computer, I was thumbing through some of the comics I got.

This is what I first flipped to:

I love comic books. So. Freakin'. Much.

From this week's Secret Six, by Gail and Nicola. Reviews are forthcoming, as soon as I can get my eyes on these puppies -- Action Comics, Wonder Woman #25, and the aforementioned Secret Six.

On a blog-ier note, I know that sometimes people visit Wednesday more often, because that's new comics day. Unfortunately, the pattern seems to be that I can only do reviews at night, so there's basically a dry period on the majority of Wednesday. I did some experiments with preview stuff, like this or this, but I'm not sure if they can really suffice for you guys.

What do you think? Is it better to put out material earlier on Wednesday, and start "reviews" on Thursday?


***Cass said...

put them out on wedensday. that way we can see what the internet thinks of our pulls as we're reading, or see if a high-hype book is worth getting.

Kevin T. said...

awesome cassie! Thanks for the feedback. Now I know how to better structure the blog.

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