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One More Day

I'm sure everyone's gotten their opinion online about it, mainly negative.

I disagree with it, too, because dammit the spider-marriage is sacred!

But that's only MY opinion. What does Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat think? Patsy?Me too, Patsy. Me too. If you didn't know already, Joe Quesada, Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics, is in charge of this event. It's been a fact that he is against the marriage, although I'm pretty sure he said it's too far to actually destroy it. I sure hope he said that, and I sure hope he wasn't lying.

The writer, Joe Michael Straczynski, has stated that he is against eliminating the marriage, but that the editor has what's best for Spidey in mind.

Patsy, I know this is a lot to soak in, but just answer me this, how do you feel about Joe (Quesada)?

Whoa whoa Patsy, calm down, I'm sure that Quesada is only thinking about Peter, and not some marketing stunt. I'm sure he's doing this to bring a new era to Spidey, not just grab in some new readers. I'm sure he's doing this to return Spidey to a lighter tone, not just fulfill any anti-marriage fetish.


All panels courtesy Marvel Comics Presents and Stuart Immonen. Man, why did they put TWO twelve-parters in the comic at the same time?
Guys, tell me how I'm doing. This is my first post and all, and there's gonna be some blogging apprehension. blogprehension.

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