Gotham City Sirens is filmed before a live studio audience. Hey look! There's Power Girl's cat.

This week I did not get any comics, but you know what? I got some last week and the week before that, so let's not leave them all by their lonesome.

Power Girl #5
by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Amanda Conner

I have been hanging on to this title since issue 1, if you're curious. It's a nice title and all, and it's pretty fun too, but it's just so hard not to see Power Girl as another one of DC's generic super-heroes. Even when you add way hot alien party girls to the scene, Power Girl is pretty generic. So much of her dialogue is just a simple grunting word!


Although I totally dig that Palmiotti and Gray make an in-story reason to showcase Power Girl's sexy, sexy legs (20% more hits, here I come!).


Despite the title, this comic isn't about Power Girl or her boobs. It isn't even about the perv who's totally stalking Pee-Gee. Not really. It's about funny sight gags, and goofy jokes here and there, with Power Girl on the side. As always though, Amanda Conner totally rocks the title with wonderful expressions, with that "Whoa." panel up top, for example.

Anyways, Power Girl as a title: it's not great, it's not good, but it's fun-er than your average DC comic book.

Gotham City Sirens #4
by Paul Dini and Guillem March

Surprisingly, this comic contains more than just Catwoman's boobs or Poison Ivy's butt. It also contains Harley Quinn's legs. It also contains an actual story with some pretty sweet art. The inking has really stepped up since issue 1; it's a lot tighter with more detail. March has kinda toned down the cheesecakiness of his pencils, yet he's retained Poison Ivy's "I don't need gravity." hair, and does some great facial expressions, especially with Joker. It's the best of both worlds!

So yeah: Harley hooks up with Hush, who's masquerading around Gotham as Bruce Wayne, which pisses off Joker. Naturally, both of them try to kill her. It's like some weird sitcom love triangle! Oh that Harley. What will she get into next?

Oh Harley!

I expected Joker to get a bigger, you know, fanfare in returning to a Bat-title, but no such luck. He's treated a lot here like the 1960's Cesar Romero "I'm gonna wreak may-ay-ayhem in Gotham and you can't stop me!" Whatever.

All in all, a fairly entertaining issue which gets me excited for the next one. You couldn't ask for more.

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