Free Comic Book Day 2011!

Get this, you guys. I went to my local Comix Revolution today, looking for the Spidey Sunday Spectacular. As it turns out, they didn't have it, so I just got the free Marvel Thor saga promotion deal-y, and an ad for Free Comic Book Day.

Free Comic Book Day! The ad was advertising Jeffrey Brown of Incredible Change-Bots fame, and that reminded me -- my local library had a copy of the first volume.

So I visited my local library, except - guess what - I didn't have my library card! So I used my state ID, and it was all good. When the librarian noticed the comics I was checking out (Batwoman: Elegy, Get Fuzzy treasury, Incredible Change-Bots), she also said that the library would be participating in Free Comic Book Day. Amazing!

That's all for my trip. Make your own and pay a visit to your local comic shop/library!

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