HULK SMASH! but not much else

That's the trailer for an upcoming Animated film from Marvel (the term is Marvel Animated Features, I believe). It centers around the Hulk fighting a bunch of people (two to be exact), and well, not much else.

Granted, it's just a trailer, and it was pretty awesome when Hulk managed to pick up Mjolnir and hurl it back at the Mighty freakin' Thor in Ultimate Avengers, but it'd kinda disappoint me if the Hulk was only used as a plot device to create more fighting and explosions. The Hulk should be more than that.

That's why I think Ultimate Avengers was such a great animated movie. It portrayed both sides of the Hulk, and penetrated into Bruce Banner's psyche. Bruce Banner's inferiority complex gives him this great compulsion to prove himself as a man, to prove that he's a worthy person for Betty Ross, that it drives him to obsession over creating the modern world's super-soldier serum.

And then as Hulk, all that repressed anger and tension erupts. And he punches stuff.

I'd totally understand it if Hulk Vs. were nothing but a punchfest, because it's probably not aimed at fans like me, but I sure hope it's more than that, because the Hulk is so much more.

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