memories, like the colors of my mind

It's hard to believe that it was pretty much a year ago that One More Day wrapped up, Joe Quesada's "Christmas gift" to a lot of Spidey fans.

I still remember taking the last issue in my hands and going, OH CRAP I DO NOT WANT TO READ THIS, but out of some foolish hope, I did. It was dark already, maybe five P.M.. I remember going to scans_daily just to read the same thing, and see what everyone else thought about it. And then I went to the Newsarama articles with J. Straczynski defending himself, and read the ten-pages-long message board opinions.

Anyways, that's what my memory, uh, remembers. This week has been really slow in statcounter because, I'm guessing, most people are on a vacation or something, so I'm gonna throw the blog up to you guys!

What memories do you have of last year? They don't have to be comic-related, but, I guess, they could be.

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