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Well, my toes are freezing, and I have a cold from walking in the snow yesterday, but at least I got to visit my old comic shop today.

The first issue of Spider-Man: Noir came out today, and I checked out the preview for it. It places Spider-Man in a Depression-era New York and has, perhaps the best rendition of Aunt May that I've ever seen:

you tell 'em, Aunt May
A rally speaker! Go get 'em, May!

What's even better, the site said that it'd cost 2.99, which is actually pretty rare, because Marvel, for whatever reason (COUGHmoneyCOUGH), have historically sold their miniseries at $3.99.
Unfortunately, it seems like the site lied, and it was actually four bucks, which is just ridiculous, because you're paying an extra dollar, for, what, a glossy cover? There aren't even any extra pages. That is ridiculous, especially in this day and age.
But enough of me griping. Let's get to

Green Arrow/Black Canary #15

by Andrew Kreisberg and Mike Norton

This issue actually came out last week, but I didn't go to the shop last week. I've been waiting for this issue for a while, so what's a week more right?

Here's where we finally get a new writer on the title after the horror that we generally call Judd Winick. Andrew Kreisberg takes over the title, and Mike Norton stays on the art, and to tell you the truth? I may have ragged on him in GA/BC #7, when he took over, but he's definitely improved in seven issues. The limbs could be less exaggerated, and the poses could be more subtle, but everyone looks more real now, and I could stand seeing more of it. Getting an Alan Davis/Todd Nauck vibe from him.

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And then the issue itself. Basically, it's a flashback story of Ollie's life, framed by a realtime story of an alley thug about to knife Dinah. It was fun to note all the past comics that Norton was referring to, like Green Arrow: Year One or that one issue of Green Arrow where Ollie proposes to Dinah, but on the whole, nothing new is presented.
I like how Kreisberg has the two "kids" of the family, Mia and Connor, leave the house. It implies that Kreisberg has a plan/future/vision for what he's doing on the title. All in all, the execution of the alley thug plot is pretty good. It presents Green Arrow and Black Canary as a team and everything.

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