Amazing Spider-Man #606-607: Let's get it on

Amazing Spider-Man #606-607
"Long-Term Arrangement," by Joe Kelly and Mike McKone

Joe Kelly and Mike McKone team up to bring back the Black Cat post-Brand New Day! You may have noticed the fairly juvenile solicits for the two issues.

When all's said and done though, the arc was pretty darn good. Kelly brings up a throwaway villain from the good ol' Marvel cache, and really plays on the intimate relationship that the Black Cat and Spider-Man has. It makes for some great dialogue, and you can tell that the two really do have a lot of affection for each other.

McKone does an excellent job! He totally could've gone cheesecake and showcase Black Cat's butt or boobs, but he didn't. The fill-in artist at the end, Moriah Benes, doesn't do the same though. What a classy guy. I love how dynamic he makes Spidey's poses, except -- in several instances, it looks like he's drawing a teenage Peter Parker!
Look bub, this isn't Ultimate Spider-Man, okay?

All in all, it's a competent, exciting, funny, fun story with a great twist ending. Cheers to the people responsible for it.

Here's more McKone stuff.

That is insane, dude.

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