The Marvel Age in a fridge magnet

My Amazing Spidey Mag!
Y'know what that is? It's a refrigerator magnet, dudes. It's a magnet with the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #1. And it's freakin' mine. University had a presentation on their archive of comic books (mostly silver age, some golden, some underground comix), and they had goodies to give away! I was maybe one student of 2 who attended, most of the attendees being library nerds. It was all good, and I'm very glad I went.

I love this thing way too much. I kept taking it out of my pocket on the way home, looking at it just to make sure it existed. Feeling it in my hands. Thinking of the artist, and how the title might never have been, if Stan hadn't taken that chance in Amazing Fantasy #15. The magnet's a little memento, a post-it note. It reminds me why I got into comics in the first place, and it's like I'm reading my first comic book again, even if I wasn't even born until 30 years later.

A lot of times, we lose sight of why we read comics. We get bogged in the regular tedium of weekly titles, and we start to berate the industry. We say that we're tired of the revolving door of death, and the impermanence of stories. We complain about the price jumps and the solicitation reneges and the editorial decisions. That stuff's the easy stuff.

The hard stuff is remembering to appreciate the comics. To remember the history and where it all came from. To regain the perspective that comics are an evolving form of media, and have been for quite a while. I'm glad I have this magnet to help me, and a little ashamed that I need it just to appreciate comics. Yes, I'm tired of picking up titles that never go anywhere. Yes, I'm appalled at the 3.99 price jump. Yes, I'm always thinking about how every other medium has a much higher value per dollar than comic books. But man, that Amazing Spider-Man comic sure is a hell of a comic.

So that's why I'd like to ask you guys: do you have any memorabilia/merchandise that reminds you why you love comics? That gets you feeling all warm and nostalgic? It doesn't have to be as offbeat as a fridge magnet. Feel free to put it up in the comments section. I'd love to hear from you, and have a good weekend!

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