The Gotham City Sirens in: ENTER THE CARPENTER

I originally planned on getting Amazing Spider-Man #618 this week, but by the time I got to the shop, they were all sold out. Okay, not ALL sold out. They had the Joe Quinones variant cover, but who's gonna pay double for just a different cover? Schmucks, that's who.

That's why instead we review three issues from a series that are two months old or so.

Gotham City Sirens #5-6
by Paul Dini and Guillem March

These two consist of the last two-thirds of an arc that began with issue 4. I review issue 4 here.

Issue 5 gets even more ridiculous. There's an unecessary double-page spread devoted to Ivy busting up one of her cacti to douse a room fire. And then there's an unecessary two pages for the three girls to resolve to kill the Joker. That isn't going to happen. We all know that isn't gonna happen. I don't wanna read about this.

The big reveal is that some z-level sidekick of the Joker's, Gagsworth A. Gagsworthy, from 40 years ago was impersonating him. It would've been nice if I read comics 40 years ago -- which I didn't. They take him down, with the requisite open ending for Gaggy to return. Dini hands in a fairly bland story, even though he adds in as many gags as he can. Gaggy isn't a threat; the action isn't exciting, and character beats are scarce. The art from Guillem March is more than competent, turning in some great sequencing and paneling, but certainly not enough to compensate for the writing. Two items of interest: Ivy suddenly has the power to grow vines from her wrists/hands??? And Dini brought back one of his characters, Jenna Duffy, The Carpenter: Character find of 2009???

Jenna Duffy

Stats a-go-go