Serials for 10/19/11: Thunderbolts and The Flash

Thunderboltsl #164 Thunderbolts #164 (Oct. 2011)
by Jeff Parker, Kev Walker and Terry Pallot

 I haven't read Thunderbolts in a while. 3 years ago the title had a brilliant year under Warren Ellis, followed by a great Secret Invasion tie-in from Andy Diggle. Diggle held the title and it declined in quality until Jeff Parker, the current writer took it over.

I'm gonna be honest with you. I picked this book up 'cause it has Invaders-era-Cap in it. That dude rocks. It turns out that the Thunderbolts super-team has traveled back in time to WWII, and they get caught in a scheme between Baron Zemo and the Red Skull, against the Invaders. The reveals for Zemo and Skull are nice, but the issue offers little else. The story really peaks only at the very end. It's like watching the first scene of a TV show, before we get to the opening credits. And then boom: show's over after that one scene.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's a tight issue. If anything, I'll get the trade when it drops price. I know serials are supposed to hook you in for the next issue, but what about this issue? I want this issue to offer a story too.

The Flash #1 (2011) The Flash #1 (Sep. 2011)
by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato

 This ish was straight up DOPE, you guys. Manapul inks his own pencils, while Buccellato colors it, and the both of them write the thing together. They are true Renaissance men! I've never read a Flash book before, but the pair do a great job of showing me that Barry Allen IS the Flash. From the heist at a science expo to the death of one of Barry's former colleagues, there are plenty of plot points to keep Flash moving.

And The Flash's all about motion. It's amazing how they depict movement in comics, a static medium. The storytelling is so creative. There's this great page that depicts an overhead view of Barry's apartment. As he moves around the apt. investigating his friend's death, we see all kind of panels popping up showing where Barry goes. It's amazing. Even the body language impresses me. Comic books are visual, and this is one hell of a visual comic book. I'd scan some up for you guys, but I've lent my copy to a friend.

Mr. Manapul, Mr. Buccellato, you guys have hooked me. I'm on board as long as you're working on The Flash, my favorite New 52 title.

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