Avengers vs X-Men launch party at Comix Revolution

There are keggers, there are mic nights and there are concerts.

For the rest of us, there's the Avengers vs X-Men launch party! I attended the one at Comix Revolution, and here's how it went!

Above photo: Comix Revolution had cake and comics. Is there no better combination?

The cake was made in the cover of AvX #1. I had Cyclops' shoulder.

Here are the variant covers: the one on the left is the Jim Cheung fold-out, to the right of that is the Ryan Stegman variant, and the two up front are the John Romita Jr. ones.

Above: The party was well-attended, and Joe the cashier put up a stream of the Fox Kids X-Men cartoon. Comix Revolution is officially on Team X-Men, but didn't qualify for much more of the swag.

But cake!

Above: nerrrrrrds.

I got myself a copy of Avengers vs X-Men #1. Review to follow, on Friday.

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