Mental detritus: 4-27-12

Hey party people! This will be the last you see of me for roughly a week, because, aside from some Free Comic Book Day things, I will be going on a planned break. Regular posts will continue on Monday May 7 or thereabouts. Until then, keep an eye on my twitter and whatnot.

In comics this week:
  • The Flash #8 was very impressive. I enjoyed it so much, I had to pause before reading the next comic in my pile, simply because nothing could follow that without looking shoddy in comparison.
  • Chew usually comes out the same week as Flash, but they've been a bit behind schedule. Instead, the trade paperback for the latest storyarc is out, "Major League Chew"! Check it out!
  • I asked about the next issue of Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures, because they haven't had any output since last month, and Jim the manager (of Comix Revolution) looked it up for me. It turns out that they're behind schedule as well, and the next issue is due for June 27, 2012! That's two months away!
  • Well, Chew and Atomic Robo, I still love you.

Today will be a fluffy post, just to recap a few of my interactions with comic books, outside of reading them. I urge you to take advantage of blogger's "lightbox view," which enables a smooth reading experience when you want to enlarge an image.

Here's the letter I wrote to Saga #2, in response to their reader survey. I felt weird sending in a single piece of paper, so I decided to do a doodle. That graph paper-y sheet on the left is my sketch of The Stalk, a half-spider half-nude-lady, using all her arms to be a one-woman band. I really hope they respond!

On Thursday I sold a bunch of my comic book trade paperbacks, to a local bookstore. The tpb's are located above, and they are, L to R:
  1. Defenders by Giffen, Dematteis and MacGuire premiere HC
  2. Ultimate Spider-Man vol. 11: Carnage
  3. The Flash: . . . geez what is that? Running out of Time? Man out of Time? Beats me. . . OK, amazon tells me it's Race against Time. Whatever.
  4. Action Philosophers vols. 1-3, by Fred van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey
I was offered $3 in cash, or $6 in store credit, so I used the latter to buy three Geronimo Stilton books for my baby cousin.

And, here's my wall-in-progress of comic book stuff and other things. It hasn't really changed from the first time I talked about it, but there are a few additions, which I describe here:
  1. I've added the four covers for the American Vampire storyarc, "Death Race." I was so unhappy with the story that I decided to cannibalize the issues, but the covers still rock hard.
  2. I've added the playbill cover for the Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark musical. I saw this when I visited my sister in New York, and boy did I enjoy it.
  3. Right below the playbill was my itinerary for C2E2. I was planning to go, but none of my friends were willing to, so I decided not to go. . .
  4. and to the right of that is the cover to the playbill for the New York Chinese Cultural Center, from when I visited my sister in New York two years ago, and we attended a recital of her friend's.

That's it for me this week. Find me on twitter, and, aside from some Free Comic Book Day things, I'll see you again in about 9 days.

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