Digital goodies: 4-20-12

Whoa! Have you guys seen this? Local blogger extraordinaire (and by local I mean he's on the internet) David Brothers is going cold turkey on super-comics, because of the way they've treated their creators in the past. It's a huge decision to make, and his reasons make sense. Read it yourself.

In similar news, Chris Roberson is leaving DC/Vertigo for similar reasons. These things are important, aren't they? Creators' rights are important.

Anyways, enough chitchat. Here are some digital-only free comics that I looked at this past week. Freebies don't get much of attention, so I thought it'd be useful to talk about them. All links go to comiXology, because I have a comiXology account.


Batman: Night of the Owls Booklet -- The super-crossover in DC's Batman titles started this week. It's called "Night of the Owls," and this freebie convinced me to get a copy of Batman #8. The booklet itself contains a Snyder/Tynion IV/Albuquerque short story about Alfred summoning the Bat-family, which is also the back-up story for Batman #8. The booklet doesn't contain much else besides covers for all the titles tying in to "Night of the Owls."

Harley-Davidson Avengers #1 --  Is this what corporate comics have become? Has Captain America become the Tony the Tiger for Harley-Davidson? Are super-heroes corporate shills now?

Jeff Parker and Manuel Garcia attach their names to this sub-standard story of the Avengers riding motorcycles and punching supervillains -- and not even that, the issue ends on a cliffhanger and isn't self-contained. I'm incredibly confused as to who this is aiming towards. The story just isn't smart enough for adults, but if it were aimed at kids, why is the title tied to a motorcycle promotion? Is little Billy meant to read this comic, and then hand it off to his father to try to win a Harley-Davidson?


Top Shelf Digital Action Pack #1 -- Here's the real reason I did today's write-up. There's a lot of freebies on comiXology, but the only way you can read them now is if you add them to your library (it used to be you could instantly open the reader for the comic, without having to add it to your collection, but those days are gone). That ends up in a whole lotta junk in your library that you don't care about, but Top Shelf has condensed everything into one convenient pack. It's no longer junk, something you read once and never look at again -- it becomes this big collection that you care about. There are full excerpts from titles such as Infinite Kung Fu, From Hell, Superf*ckers and more.

There's more than super-comics out there, and this is a good example why.

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Oh, and before I forget, here's another list of some comics I wanted to index for myself. You can ignore this.

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