Watching the Avengers, and Free Comic Book Day at Graham Cracker Comics

This is going to be my last post for a while, and it's a doozy (what does that even mean?). Between a camping trip this weekend, problem sets and midterms, I'm afraid I won't have enough time to talk about that wonderful medium that we all love, comic books. So, for today I will be talking about my weekend of Marvel The Avengers and Free Comic Book Day. After that I'll be on hiatus.

Here's a photo of an Avengers promotional at the avenue! I went to the Evanston Cinearts cineplex. Look closely and you can see the sixth avenger.

An interactive ad for Johnny Depp/Tim Burton's vampire film:

Ads for upcoming comic book movies.
I enjoyed The Avengers, and it was certainly worth my movie voucher. My favorites were Captain America and the Hulk, and I'm really impressed with Mark Ruffalo's portrayal of Bruce Banner. His mannerisms were very well-done, and you got a good sense of who he is by the way he talked. I loved Ed Norton's Hulk movie, and I'd love a Hulk movie with this guy. Great team movie, great action movie.

Here's what I did the next day. I went to Free Comic Book Day in Graham Crackers Comics Chicago! Here's what the shop looked like: I went in the afternoon (1-ish), and there was a line -- check it out:
I've visited FCBD in that shop in a few previous years, and in none of those years have I had to wait in a line. Graham Crackers gave everyone a copy of the FCBD The New 52, which included a coupon for 3 free comics on any Wednesday from select boxes, and we got to choose 3 free comics that day from the FCBD selection! I brought my baby cousin and my friend. Here's my baby cousin on the bus ride back:
 Here's another guy toting his comics on the same bus:
Graham Crackers was offering finger painting, and I was very hyped to get Spider-Man's web shooters face-painted on my wrist, but my friend was in a rush, so I didn't get my wrist face-painted. . . that night I took some Crayola markers and did it myself:
I also spent that night putting an order down for a few comic books, including 100 Bullets vol. 1 and Hulk 100 Project.
Lastly, if you didn't get a chance to read as many free comics as you wanted, comiXology is offering a few digital FCBD books in their Free section. I don't understand why they don't advertise these free comics at all. You're much more likely to hook someone with something that they don't have to pay for, than for something that they do.

FCBD2012: Asylum Press Sampler
FCBD2012: Bad Medicine
FCBD2012: Spider-Man Season One
FCBD2012: Top Shelf Kids Club
FCBD2012: Witchblade

Now I'm off to debug code. I'll see you again in, I dunno, two weeks? Whenever I feel like it.

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Arion said...

Well, my FCBD consists solely on selecting 5 free titles that DCBS adds to my May order and that's it.

By the way, in case you're interesting I just reviewed America's Got Powers.

Kevin Tam said...

What were the free titles? Do you get these free titles monthly? I've only ever bought trades from DCBS, but if you get free titles regularly, that's a pretty good deal.

I'll check out your review, Arion. Thanks for chiming in.

Arion said...

Well, you can pick 5 FCBD titles on January. And the rest of the time you only get the free stuff that Marvel or DC put out (like the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo from Vertigo which I got last month).

Kevin, I wanted to follow your blog but I can't find the 'followers' gadget, any recommendations?

Kevin Tam said...

Hey Arion, thanks for your input. I've put the "followers" gadget in the sidebar, right underneath "images of chezkevin" gadget. I'm glad you want to follow this blog!

Myself, I'm a fan of blogger's "blog list" feature: whenever I log into blogger (which is often), it's the first page that loads, and I don't have to take any additional steps to read my blogs. And, you add blogs simply by adding their links.

There's also an rss option for people who like those:\x3drss
(you can obtain your rss by replacing my blogname with yours).

Arion said...

Thanks, I'm now officially following your blog .

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