I didn't know Bad Dog #4 was out today!

So apparently Bad Dog #4 was released today. It wasn't listed on the regular site I check, and Image's site continues to solicit it incorrectly. It was never solicited for May, so this is completely out of the blue, too.

Bad Dog is a title from Joe Kelly and Diego Greco, published by Image. It first debuted in August 2010 and ran for three issues before going on a huge hiatus, which apparently ended today.

I had to see for myself over at comixology's website, which lists it as a recently reduced digital comic.

This is pretty crazy. I'm very fond of the title, and even though I didn't know it was out today, it's exciting to see it back on the racks. I found out after I already made my trip, so I called my local shop. They said they were sold out, and they weren't able to tell me how many copies of issue 4 they had originally. For all I knew, they didn't even know about this title.

I called Graham Crackers, the chain in Illinois, and they said that they had copies since March 2011 (the Loop branch itself received no such title today).

But it's out there, and it does exist. Here are a few reviews for the issue (I'm not reading them until I read the issue itself, and I WILL).
IGN gives it a 9/10, "amazing."
CBR has 5 preview pages.
ifanboy gives it perfect marks.

Oh, and today I did get The Flash #9 and Chew #26. More on this, eventually.

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