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  • And, for those of you who have an idea of the creators' rights involved with the Avengers, do consider donating the price of a movie ticket to The Hero Initiative. A good number of Marvel's The Avengers came from a small number of people, and too few of them were compensated for their contribution to such a lasting franchise. Comicsalliance has a nice write-up about it over here, if you're interested in it.
  • I have a movie voucher from way back, which I will be using to watch the movie, so I won't really be putting my money towards the movie. I'm going to do my part by buying from the The Hero Initiative's Amazon page.
  • Hey, while I'm linking up this post, here's Mark Waid's' experiments with digital comics. "Luther" packs a punch to the gut by the end, and "Thrillbent" stars art from Irredeemable's Peter Krause! There'll be a new issue next Wednesday, so consider bookmaking this page!

And lastly, here's this one panel from Archie Comic's Megaman.
Megaman's sister, Roll, asks him whether or not he needs his extra powers in the middle of an intense fight between robots.

from Megaman #'s 5-8, by Archie Comics

I love that second panel. You can see the action that's going on in the background: your eyes go from the explosion, to Megaman's self-satisfied face, to Roll's look of concern, to Time Man's attacks in the upper right corner. The second panel makes you take a visual pause, so the punchline in the third panel is all the stronger. You rarely see good examples of these visual pauses in comic books. There tend to be wide shots of backgrounds in the comics, intended as visual pauses but there's nowhere for the eye to linger!

I really love this example, from Ian Flynn and Chad Thomas, Megaman #9, "Time Keeps Slipping" part 5.

Megaman has an offering in Free Comic Book Day. Locate your comic shop today: freecomicbookday.com!

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