Chezkevin vs. Knightquest: Part 2

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I'm reading Knightfall Volume 2: Knightquest. Read here for the first half.
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I'm reading Knightfall Volume 2: Knightquest. This is the last half! How many times will Batman almost-kill someone before he decides not to? How many times will he say "The System"? How many times will he say "I dreamt about her last night. I. . . shamed myself."

Only one way to find out!

Knightfall Vol. 2: Knightquest
by too many people to list here
Collecting DETECTIVE COMICS #667-675, BATMAN #501-508, BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT #19-28, CATWOMAN #6-7 and ROBIN #7
$17 on Amazon

In a word, the next portions of Knightquest are, unremarkable. The plot plods along as Jean Paul takes out the villains that crop up in Gotham City. Along the way he fights an acid man and creates a new, darker costume. Eventually he "kills" Abattoir, the villain obsessed with killing his blood relatives, by refusing to save him. It's not quite a refusal though, as the two voices in his head, the St. Dumas and his father tell him to kill him or save him:
Scott Hanna does a great job inking Graham Nolan, but the rest is standard superhero fare. Bonus panel:
It's all a lead-in to KnightsEnd. Which I'll get to, eh, eventually.

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