Dark Avengers: the perfect middle finger to Marvel's superheroes

Call it post-inauguration euphoria, but man oh man, I spent way too much money on comic books this week. Oh man, ohmanohman.

You have the first issue of Dark Avengers, which is a new Marvel title that I'm actually excited about. You have the penultimate issue of Birds of Prey, before the Birds say goodbye. You have the opening salvo of "Character Assassination" in The Amazing Spider-Man, which is supposed to answer questions that we've had since "One More Day." You have the second Annual for Uncanny X-Men, in which we learn what the White Queen, Emma Frost, is really up to. Honestly, there were so many comics out this week that had me excited, I Just Couldn't Get Enough.

Dark Avengers #1
by Brian Bendis and Mike Deodato
back-up by Bendis, Jonathan Hickman and Stefano Caselli

Dark Avengers #1 is pretty much a middle finger to Marvel's superheroes in comic book form, and you know what? I enjoyed every single panel. Like any other first issue of an Avengers comic, the plot consists of rallying around the world (ie: New York), and recruiting individuals to become Avengers. But this time, Norman has a different experience.
Ms. Marvel refuses to work for a man like Osborn, so he finds the pathological Moonstone, gives her the Ms. Marvel costume and calls her Ms. Marvel. Osborn finds Wolverine's estranged son, Daken Akihiro, dresses him up and calls him Wolverine. He takes Bullseye and gives him Hawkeye's costume, dubbing him Hawkeye.

the Dark Avengers roster

There are a dozen other transitions that I overlook, and the Iron Patriot has got to be the most delicious, along with "the Amazing Spider-Man". Norman Osborn is a conniving bastard, but the ease with which he executes his will here is astounding. In a world where our heroes have failed, it's time for other people to take a stand. This is a mockery and insult to Marvel's superheroes, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

Moonstone becomes Ms. Marvel

This is definitely a new direction from Marvel, and this is probably one of the first times that I'm actually excited about a story from them. In fact, this is the first time in a while I've gotten excited over a variant cover, and the only disappointment I have is that my store didn't have the Adi Granov variant for this issue.
Dark Avengers #1
Because Adi Granov covers are total sex.

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