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So, for whatever reason, DC is getting villain-happy and doing line-wide "Faces of Evil" issues for several of their titles. Maybe it's tying in to Final Crisis and how "Evil wins." Who knows.

All I know is that in the dominance of superhero comics, it's always nice to get something from the villain's perspective.

Detective Comics #852
by Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen

This issue is so awesome. The last time we saw Hush, he lost his entire fortune by Catwoman's cunning, failed in his grandiose attempt to usurp Bruce Wayne's life, and was just plain disgraced. His plastic surgery (to pose as Bruce Wayne) failed him, as his face broke up in scars, and he walked away in the snow. On crutches.

Miraculously, in the first three pages, we see all that turn around!

It is just amazing to see what happens next. "Bruce" seduces a woman. He goes on a cruise. He travels to Jamaica. Australia. Vietnam. All of it on borrowed time in a stolen identity, and throughout the comic, you can't help but get this sense of dread. When will he get discovered? When will his plans fall through? The feeling that he will fail makes him . . . sympathetic, even for all the treachery he engages in!
The cliffhanger ending was a breathtaker, and simply amazing. The flow from one "Face of Evil" to the other in the upcoming issue is completely genius, and completely natural. You rock Paul Dini!

Lastly, I just love all the details in this comic book. Smeared over the "Detective" in the cover logo is a messy "Hush,"and here's Hush's best imitation of Bruce Wayne's imitation of the Fonz:

He even goes to Australia and meets a superhero called "Tasmanian Devil"! Check out his insignia!

IT'S JUST A BIG "T!" Dustin Nguyen, you rock.

Detective #852, you rock.


Sea_of_Green said...

Oh, yeah, Taz has been around for a while, and was even a Justice League member, briefly. He's also been known to have a huge crush on Hal Jordan. ;-)

Kevin T. said...

Oh sea, I am so lucky to have your insane Justice League archive brain on tap. You rock.

And hey, who wouldn't have a huge crush on Hal Jordan?

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