goshdarnit, my money is on the line here

Spidey appeared in Friday's Chicago Tribune!

And on the third page no less. This analogue between Obama and superheroes is ringin' truer and truer as we reach the big guy's inauguration.

But part of me can't help but view this as a cash-grab. I mean, at least Savage Dragon actually lives in Chicago. And, and Obama's appearing only in the back-up story of Amazing issue 583.

Well, while we're complaining about Spider-Man, let's check on Newsarama's article with Steve Wacker on upcoming spider-developments.

I have to admit-- I'm kinda excited about it. "Answers to the questions I've had since day one"? Explanations of the big changes that happened a year ago? Yeah, that sounds pretty appealing.
And there's even this little time-lapse panel by John Romita Jr!


Granted, it takes up half of a ridiculously exorbitant two-page spread, but I love that kinda crap! I love it.

So once again, I am at odds with coughing up dough for the Amazing Spidey comic and keeping my dignity. Every time I pick it up ( recent examples: New Ways to Die, and the Jackpot annual) is a regrettable purchase, so I've been making up excuses since then.

But that's the thing. I want to read Spider-Man again, but I don't wanna be let down. The preview art is exciting, but I don't know if I can trust it.

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