Wizard World Chicago Comic-con '09: Now that's what I call a convention!

If it weren't for my stash of apples, Cheez-Its, gum and Chinese food, I may not have survived. Unlike last Wizard World, I went each time for the three days, mostly without any geeky friends to accompany me! I could've fainted from exhaustion there! I just want us all to take a moment to contemplate how horribly awry our lives would be without the wonderful blogging tour de force that is me.

New banner! New name! New 'CON!

Okay that's enough!

The great thing about conventions is the interaction. You can interact with other fans who are just as, if not more geeky than you; you can interact with all sorts of celebrities that play in your favorite things, and even with your favorite creators!

Now let's sit in front of a lifeless computer screen alone for ten minutes! Oh yeah.

As soon as you enter the lobby, you find the one guy doing a HUGE art piece on the floor. There were pictures of him at all the other cons with different floor pieces, so he must be getting commissioned by Wizard or something.

floor art, day 1

He was doing the cover art for Ultimate Comics Avengers #1. This is the first day I got him, so as we go along, we'll get to see the final piece!


This is what the exhibit hall looks like on Friday, a typically slow day. Unfortunately, Marvel/DC did not have any promo booths this year! It seems like Wizard lost the sponsorship!

Bat-family! Such cheerful colors.

Tonner had a booth, which is always nice to see. The convention exclusives this time around were Black Canary and (Jim Balent catsuit) Catwoman.

Gotham Girls! ALSO: Joker with really funny hair.

Doesn't Joker's hair look sooooo weird? It's nice to see Harley and Ivy together though.

Something I noticed this time around was how video games wedged themselves a little more. Strangely, Westwood College (of which I've never heard) even had a booth exclusively so geeks could get their game on!

Really? Seriously?

Really guys. This isn't helping the stereotype.

Another booth was from a group called NYJedi.
NYJedi had a booth + sparring space!

They even had sparring space! It was pretty sweet.

The Admiral will be back at 1:30.

There were two celebrities I wanted to see: Edward James Olmos, who plays Admiral Adama on Battlestar Galactica (I have a friend who's a huge fan), and Margot Kidder.

Margot Kidder! She played Lois Lane in the Christopher Reeves Superman movies! She's aged so well, and she's so friendly! I would have gotten a picture with her, but it costs a heck of a lot.

Oh Mrs. Kidder. You are a fine lady.



I'd show you some of my haul, but this post is really pushing it. I wanted to make it to some panels, but I, uh, got lost. Maybe next year?

Now, if you like, you should totally check out the slideshow! It has a lot more pictures than the ones I used today. Just a note though: I intend on using some of these for tomorrow, so if you don't want to spoil yourself, then exercise some self-control!

Tomorrow: we cover the costume contest! Yippee!

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