Wizard World '09 starts today!

Or "Chicago Comic-con." Whatever.

For obvious reasons, I will not be here today, but you can expect a buttload of pictures when I come back! Leave a message if you like!
Wheeeee! Now to get ready for a two-hour train ride that is 20 miles away from metropolitan Chicago! I just can't wait!


***Cass said...

Dude, there better be a good buttload of pictures.

Kevin T. said...

Um, do you mean camera-wise? I used a now-4-yr-old camera for last year's Wizard World, and for this year's, I am using a now-3-yr-old one.

It collects more light, which is good, because I don't like to use flash, but it still takes slow photos, so if someone is moving their arms a lot, you will definitely see the blur.


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