I was expecting to get the next issue of Bloodrayne: Prime Cuts today, but my local shop either didn't have it, or sold out of what copies they had. This is all fine by me, because Wizard World is coming this weekend, and I am ready to attend all three days!

But that didn't stop me from getting some other stuff! Here they are:

The Amazing Spider-Man #601

by Mark Waid and Mario Alberti, backup by Bendis and Quesada


yUm hAnD!

This is the face of a man who:
  1. had a hard day of work, and can't wait to get his nap on in his favorite hand chair!
  2. is really, really hungry right now. SO hungry he could eat an entire hand!
  3. is one finger short on his left hand. Say, the one in front of him looks mighty appealing. . .
  4. is trapped in a burning building, and getting overcome by the smog!

This is the body language of a woman who:
  1. is rehearsing for CATS!: the musical.
  2. JUST LOST HER CONTACTS! Nobody move!
  3. can't believe she forgot her hair pin today! THE HORROR.
  4. is trapped in a burning building, and getting overcome by the smog!
So yeah, the art was pretty bad in some particular points. In general, though, it was serviceable, but let's just say that I'm glad that Mario Alberti isn't coming back to Spidey.


When it comes to the Peter/MJ relationship, I expect to be taken for a ride, but this issue did not provide, except for an incredibly tasteless joke about Peter Parker and one night stands. This is not the stuff of a Spidey soap opera guys. While Waid does take the time to show us that MJ remembers Peter's secret. . .. . . the issue doesn't amount to much else. At the very best, this issue was serviceable. At the worst, it wasn't up to snuff for an issue of Amazing.

After the wonderful issue that was #600, color me disappointed.

Thunderbolts #134

by Andy Diggle and Miguel Sepulveda

Andy Diggle is really taking his time isn't he? The guy can write, but man, he takes up way too much space to tell one slice of information. It's really not cost-effective.

In this issue, Songbird tries to assemble the old Thunderbolts. Nice, if you've been keeping up the T-bolts for four years. I haven't. Also, there is a surprise plot-twist cliffhanger. That's kind of it to this issue.

I'm kind of waiting for something important to happen here, and a little disappointed at the pacing. Hopefully next ish doesn't do the same.

suction cups?

Suction cups? Seriously? I think it's pretty cool that Songbird can make "solid sound," but you are pushing the line here Mr. Sepulveda.

Suction cups?

TOMORROW: I review Keith Giffen's debut on DOOM PATROL! Was it a swing? Was it a miss? Was it maybe even a line drive? Will I use more baseball analogies?

Hang tight, true believers!

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***Cass said...

Oh Come on, that body lauguage is in no way worse (not even close) to Greg Land's.

However, they did get the woman in smoggy building right.

She's a vampire. Sunlight hurts.

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