I survived comic-con, and all I got was this lousy wristband. And some comics. And some toys. And some. . .

So this year, instead of getting the regular badges-on-a-string to wear, participants instead got a wristband. If you lost them, you were plum out of luck, but luckily, they held up pretty well! Not only are they waterproof, they survived a few bites from my friend's dog.

Comic-con '09 thing-y

So, really -- badges? We don't need no steenkin' badges!

Final art! Nick Fury now has a shining beacon of light on his pants.

This is what the little floor piece looked like, finished. I feel honored that, at last, Nick Fury's shining beacon of light is depicted on graphic art.

And this is what I got. Mostly Spidey stuff, with some miscellaneous Marvel stuff. I got two DC books: Grant Morrison's We3, and the first volume of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol. I got some Green Arrow singles, and finally completed the six issues of Brad Meltzer's Archer's Quest, that I originally started two or so years ago.

Most of the trades were $5 from one particular dealer, but I could not find any good deals for Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol or Animal Man, so I didn't bother purchasing any Animal Man, and only bought the bullet for a 50% off Doom Patrol. I had a list, and did not follow it at all. I didn't expect to get so much Spidey stuff!

I tallied it all up, and the pile retails for ~$240. I end up paying about $74 for the pile! I love five dollar trades, and I wanted to tally that up to make me feel better.

So, yes, no, was the 'con a success? There's an uproar from the more seasoned bloggers that Wizard World is faltering and failing to get with the times, but I got a good haul, took some cool pictures, covered the costume contest, and had a great time! Thank you Wizard World, for having me, and thanks to all the people who made this possible. And above all --

Yum yum cheez-its

Thank you, box of Cheez-Its! You were there for me through thick and thin, man. I don't know what I'd do without you.


***Cass said...

cheez-it's are what, kraft dinner turned into crackers?

where are the toys??

Kevin T. said...

Naw, I dunno if you could have them for dinner, but they're not marketed as such. Just crackers, but I could certainly try!

Yeah. . . I got a Green Goblin figure, but he was kinda big (a foot?), so I didn't wanna fit him in the picture. Mehhhhh.

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