rereading Vertigo's Sandman. . . absolutely!

Since y'all are probably tired of hearing about Ex Machina, I figured I'd mix it up and look at some other stuff. There are some books that deserve the "Absolute" treatment, as DC would put it, or the "Omnibus" treatment on Marvel's end. I myself have one fancy shmancy book in this style, and that's my Howard the Duck Omni, but I've put stuff up on the blog before, such as DC's Absolute Batman: The Long Halloween.

It really does deserve the Absolute treatment, but when it comes down to it, NO book deserves it more than Neil Gaiman's Sandman stuff. That's why we're gonna take a look at some moments in the edition, as we go all the way up to volume 4! Join me!

#2: This is the debut of probably the most adorable recurring character ever. Irving is later renamed Goldie in the issue and brought a lot of heartwarming moments to otherwise grim situations!

#4: In the Sandman's quest for his items of power, they bust out with a epic poetry slam OF HELL on you! The King of Dreams takes on a duke of Hell, Choronzon, in a battle of words in order to retake his helm. This would be only a hint of the imagination to come.

#5: Dr. Destiny breaks out of Arkham to claim the ruby that his dead mother passed on to him, from storage. Turns out, that ruby belongs to the Sandman! It was one of many items that the Sandman made to help him in his managing of the Realm of Dreams, and it has some of the Sandman's power in it. As Dr. Dee races to Mayhew storage with a hostage, Morpheus hops along by our dreams. We had a passenger and we never knew it.

We'll be back with more! Hang tight!

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Sea-of-Green said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I've never read Sandman. It IS on my "I need to read that some day" list, though. :-)

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