probably the most crotch references I've made in a single post

Hey don't you just hate it when a guy makes a blog and neglects it for a week? Boy, whattabum!

The Amazing Spider-Man #620
by Dan Slott and Marcos Martin with Javier Pulido

This is the end of the "Mysterioso" three-part-er, bringing back Mysterio and throwing in Mr. Negative and New York gang wars. Slott really plays up Mysterio here as a slapstick guy who really loves putting on a show until he takes it too far. In fact, he isn't really the threat this time around so much as Mr. Negative is.

Mysterio's cheap shot

The art is as great as ever, with creative panelling and sound effects. This issue is heavy on the action, and the arc overall was a great way to bring back Mysterio. Between Mr. Negative performing highly invasive surfery on Hammerhead or a genius sequence of Peter taking a big gulp of air before Mr. Negative's Devil's Breath gas hits him, my favorite part is probably Spidey's crotch vibrating.

Spidey's vibrating crotch


I'll give the issue TWO out of FIVE foam-finger freddies, but I think the three issues together deserve ONE. The middle issue was the best in terms of the affection for past stories, and the last ish dragged them down by getting a back-up artist.

Stats a-go-go