sketches on the back of my physics homework:

Sometimes it's nice to remember that I am not made of money, and actually need food. This week is one of those times, as there are a few titles I could be getting, but choosing not to.

In lieu of actual material, please see these awful facsimiles of Tony Harris's art that I've tried to recreate. I apologize in advance.

These were actually done in pencil, not pen. I just made the filter on my scanner way too sharp.

To be honest with you, I actually dig some of those. Particularly the ones on the top left and bottom left corner. It's fun to draw pretty girls and wild facial hair, although maybe not at the same time.

This is what happens when kids have too much time to themselves, people. You have been warned!

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Sea-of-Green said...

Those are pretty good!

I swear, I was a better artist when I was a student and supposed to be studying math instead of drawing on my notebooks ...

Stats a-go-go