Serials for 11-23-11: Daredevil and etc...

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Daredevil #5
by Mark Waid and Marcos Martin

buddabuddabuddabuddabudda! I'm loving the way Marcos Martin draws his own sound effects. More artists ought to consider this -- digital SFX on top of hand-done inks are jarring.

Aw man just look at the way that fa-THOOM takes over the entire ship. Martin is on a whole new level of the craft.

If you haven't read Daredevil yet, I strongly urge you to check it out. ComiXology has an interview with Mark Waid, and the numbers should not be this low for such a quality super-comic.

Secret Avengers #16
by Warren Ellis and Jamie McKelvie

Secret Avengers 16 
Check out the cover for this one! One look and I couldn't help myself. I never get the title, but I had to check it out. I'm weak.

The issue  consists of the Secret Avengers finding a secret city of terrorism and then blowing it up. It manages to flesh out each of the 4 members in a seamless way. Beast, for example, gets to lecture everyone about the pseudo-science behind the secret city and about "Von Doom radiation." Everybody gets their fifteen seconds.

My one complaint is that the issue is one long, extended scene. It starts with the four entering the secret city, and ends with them leaving it. We don't get to see anything else! Comics are serial, and there's no story reason for me to check out the next issue. It's great that this issue is a full, self-contained story, but it's also a comic book that will be followed by another comic book.

Captain america #4
by Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven

Captain America #4 #4 rounds out our week of Marvel! Captain America is stuck in a dreeeamm world while the new HYDRA queen threatens to trap him there. There's nothing left to learn about the backstory behind this storyarc, so the issue is mostly punching.

It's a nice sentiment to think that, in Steve Rogers' utopia, the world doesn't need Capt. America and he pioneers the Moon for colonization with Sharon Carter. It also hearkens back to a couple panels in Captain America: Winter Soldier. In it Steve expresses regret to Sharon that so many men had to die for the sake of space research, when they could have sent him -- it was what he was built for! It's a nice shade of pathos for the man.

The issue was supposed to come out two months ago, which sucks.This is somewhat ameliorated by Steve McNiven's art. If I were trapped on an island and I could only look at five artists, he would be one of them.


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