Begins with "H" and ends with "iatus"

I want you to brace yourself, kids, because what I'm going to tell you. . . will devastate you out of your spider-man undies.

Are you ready? Do you have your teddy bears firmly in hand? Have you hidden your heads tightly enough inside your shirts?*
Whoa now! Don't let Mr. Ursine slip out of your grip! Are you ready?

Your friendly neighborhood comics blogger has to go on hiatus. Since I'm a student, the scores that I get on standardized tests determine my future and, quite frankly, I'd like that future to be less bleak than it currently appears.

And what could possibly brighten it better than --

X-Men: First Class #11

as well as --


This is Prince Charming from Fables, if you couldn't tell. He's great in the sack, as you can see, but he's a complete and total jerk. Doesn't stop me from being jealous though. Sigh.

So yeah, no blogging from me for two weeks roughly. I thought it'd be appropriate to warn what readership I have (KOFF KOFF!), so there ya go.

I really, really wanted to talk about the May comics for Marvel and DC, but this test thingamajig, it just won't let me. My soul is burning to chew the fat with the solicits for books like Final Crisis #1 or Birds of Prey #118 (with Tony Bedard's run beginning!!!) or Marvel Adventures Avengers #24 (featuring the return of fan-favorite Jeff Parker!)

If you'd like to say anything, about the blog, about the comics, about what you found in your shoe today, you can always leave a message to this post, because I'll still be checking my mail and roaming the blogosphere.

Some tests won't make me disappear off the face of the earth, after all! Furbies maybe, but tests we don't have to worry about.

*assuming you're wearing any.
**from last month's X-Men: First Class #11, by Parker, Dragotta and Coover

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Joyce said...

M dropped her pizza on my shoe some day. That very same shoe I spilled cinnamony apple sugary syrup into. Not on top of or anywhere that dances around the subject, but directly into.

Stats a-go-go