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I have a HUGE reading pile, and having just finished up the school year, just noticed how much there is to blog!

I really wanna do some reviews today, but y'know what? Let's do something different, because, after all:

Well said, American Dream. Don't be a stranger to the blog now, y'hear?

My reading pile is kind of huge now. It ranges from early issues of Gail Simone's Birds of Prey to some portions of Essential Howard the Duck, not to mention the glut of Free Comics from Free Comic Book Day.

I'm kind of tired right now, and there's a huge pile of books on top of my scanner, and I feel compelled to show you some cool scans. I want to try to clean up and organize stuff today, but come tomorrow, I promise I'll whip out the scanner and talk about all kinds of stuff, from Fables #73 to Ultimate Spider-Man #122.



That doesn't mean we can't talk about upcoming comics (because I already have the images on my computer)!

Specifically, John Romita Jr. coming up on Amazing Spider-Man. If you couldn't tell, I'm a huge fan of his, and he was a gateway artist for me into comic books.


His Spider-Man will always be the iconic rendition for me, from the eyes right down to the (slightly anorexic) anatomy, to the head shape, to the fingers, to the everything else.


But of course, his style varies, so let's take a break from the hectic day-to-day thunder that we call LIFE to examine this variation. Specifically, let's talk about Romita in the Stracyznski era of Amazing and the transition to the BND era. Although our sight's a bit limited (preview pages are all I have!), that doesn't mean that there is no difference!

Naturally, a little promo page serves as evidence:

New Ways to Die

And now a panel from a preview page for Amazing 568:


You may squeal at any time of course, but let's keep it at our indoor voices, all right?

Look at these two and then compare it to the other two images above them. Let's size up the differences:

1) First of all, notice the muscle tone in the legs as well as his biceps. I think it's safe to say that they've been increased to make Spidey look less anoreexic. Good.

2) The coloring is a little drier, less dynamic than Scott Hanna's coloring, but I don't think that should really detract from the storytelling. I sure do miss Scott Hanna though.

3) And the biggest part of any Spidey costume: the eyes! The eyes always have it, and there's definitely a change here. The edges taper less and the curves aren't as strong. Compare the first spidey image and the last on this post, and you should notice a difference, much to my dismay.

I wish this change hadn't occurred, but that's just me being a purist tightwad. Maybe it's due to a different inker? Anyways:

4) Lastly, we should never forget the most important proponent in any Spidey comic: Peter Parker! We've yet to see any preview pages for the guy, but hopefully, he's not changed too drastically right?

Weekly reviews are comin' up, so sit tight, true believers.

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