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Holy crap did you guys know that Marvel released an animated version of the first issue of Astonishing X-Men (reproduced below)?

I have to say, the editing is really well done. Excellent use of zooming in, blurring, music, all done to tell the beginning to a very strong story.

There are a few problems though, where Emma Frost's line of ". . . and I still rate below a corpse" is whispered when she finishes it.

Kitty and Scott's voices are spot-on, but Emma doesn't sound condescending enough and Wolverine doesn't sound mean enough.

All in all, a very smart way to market one of Marvel's strongest franchises and comic books. I'm very impressed with the steps that they're taking to shape modern-day comics.

ITEM: Kneel before M.O.D.O.G.!

At this article, Dan Slott and Marcos Martin tells us about Paper Doll, the villain who's obsessed with Celebrity Bobby Carr. It turns out that she's a meta-comment on fans who got worked up about One More Day. Slott tells us that Paper Doll is an example of how fans can,
"if they're not careful, might get a little two-dimensional."
Is this clever or is this a little condescending? I'm not so sure, because it's a smart way of writing, but I do believe that fans have the right to be indignant.

Feel free to comment on what you will. All I know is that Marvel is taking so many steps forward, no wonder it takes the top share every month.

Yes, DC, I'm looking at you and acknowledging your conglomeracy as a single being. Please get with the times before you're left in the dust.

I mean, Marvel's jointing up with other publishers from other countries (Soleil, France); they've got the Digital Comics Unlimited; they've got videos and blogs on their website; they've got movies every step you turn; they are the market.

And what have you done to keep up with this DC?

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