follow-up to FCBD

So Free Comic Book Day was today!

I saw a little girl with her father, and she was all like "Daddy, daddy, look, free comics!" but the dad totally ignored the sign and just grabbed her hand and kept walking. That really sucked.

But then there was a small boy, who managed to make his way into the shop. He was having a tough time to decide, so I suggested All-Star Superman #1, because, well, it really is Superman done well.

That's really all the small children I saw. I wanted to take my six-year-old cousin, but his mom was being very anal, and he was with his friend at the time, who had half his head stuck in that gameboy of his.

So, going to the shop myself, I was limited to three free comics. Here they are:

1) Transformers: Animated-- Aside from the blurriness, it told everything right, from the Autobot-human interactions to the characters themselves. it's a perfect entry point for children into the franchise, although maybe not so much comic-wise. It kind of annoyed me that the panels (which were screen caps from the animated show) were so blurry, but for approximately zero cents, there is no way that I'm complaining.

2) Top Cow's Broken Trinity: Prelude-- It's a nice small story from the perspective of a journalist. The writer cleverly used her to tell us all about the Top Cow Universe that we need to know, but this didn't really get me excited about the "Broken Trinity" event that's coming up. I do like Phil Hester as an artist, but that's really all the enthusiasm I have for Top Cow. I just got this to see what I'm missing out on the indie side.

Speaking of indies, why didn't Vertigo release a Free Comic book? I would've been on that like cute on Tiny Titans.

3) And yes, Tiny Titans was my last free comic! It was really fun and awesome, and I love how the Titans universe translated into an ultra-cute universe. My favorite was the dialogue-less "Beast Boy meets a puppy" short story. That was just wonderful.

A book I'd ANTI-recommend would be the X-Men free comic. I really don't understand why Pornface McGee is still working for the industry, and for a children's event, no less.

Oh wait, yes I do. It's because most of fandom is totally fine with all his pornface, and, well, you can't blame them. As long as the women are pretty, most comics fans won't complain if they're anatomically hideous, blatantly traced, in the middle of orgasm every other panel, or emotively inappropriate.

But enough about porn. Let's talk free stuff.

Or something close to it. Besides the free comics, I also got DC Universe #0, because I didn't go to the shop this Wednesday, postponing it for today. This event preview, in my opinion, is actually better than Marvel's event preview, in that it attempts to tell a story, and isn't just an uninspiring history lesson. It's worse however, in that it costs money.

Cash money, and on Free Comic Book Day, that's an even worse stigma.

But not a bad enough stigma to bring down the day! This year's FCBD was on the whole fun and interesting, and I'm glad I went, although I regret not having told other people.

So maybe I'm missing out on a free comic that you liked? Don't be afraid to tell me all about it.

Maybe FCBD brought some new people to your regular shop, or maybe you yourself were new? How was the experience?

Because no force can bring people together stronger than free stuff.


Joyce said...

Oh, I forgot to mention there was a gaggle of people waiting outside the shop. Was there a line at Graham Cracker?

Kevin T. said...


That's no fair; I had two other people looking at the free comics.


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