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You may have heard of some nobody called Jeff Parker. He's just a comic writer, is all, and by dumb luck, there happens to be two of his comics in my weekly review pile. On a whim, I decided I'd look at them today!

X-Men: First Class
by Jeff Parker and Roger Cruz

First of all, I am so glad that Roger Cruz is back on art after a two- or three-issue absence.

Second of all, that's the best I can say about this comic, spotlighting on Warren Worthington, AKA Angel of the X-Men.

First Class usually has irreverent humor, but the past issues have seemed kind of bland to me. I'm not exactly sure what changed, but First Class has lost some of its fun-ness. Maybe it's because the issue is about Angel, for whom I don't care, but I just didn't enjoy this issue.

By the way, Angel is getting a three-issue mini or so by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, I believe. I'm not checking that out, but it could be an example of Marvel's need to saturate the market with X-books I guess.

Marvel Adventures the Avengers #24
by Jeff Parker and Ig Guara

Just look at that cover. That is a great cover to a great issue.

Here, the Avengers suddenly, as by some monger, hate each other, go to Doc Samson for therapy, and stop Hydra subsequently. It's great for kids; it's fun, and when people rave about Jeff Parker, this is what they mean.

For some reason, he writes the Avengers here better than the X-Men up top, and that's a real shame.

There are so many great jokes here that I need to show you at least one of them:


There. That oughta do it.

I totally recommend Parker's Marvel Adventures the Avengers for the short time he's there. It's a great comic for anyone who likes fun in their comics.

There are also these cool Mini Marvels by Chris Giarusso. Here was this month's: I love how each of the three skrulls have different eye shapes.
Chris G. is so playful with the Marvel Universe; just say the word, and I'll post some more of these.

Better yet, here's his website! Good stuff right?

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