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Lots of things to worry about, so we're gonna finish the week with some short-esque reviews!

Don't worry; they're all awesome and my ridiculously thorough reviews wouldn't have done them justice anyways.

Fables #73

by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham

Boy Blue's the narrator for this issue as the Fable community makes their move on the Adversary. That's right; they're finally waging to reclaim the Homeland!

We go through how everyone's a part of the war, from Snow's underground coordinating to Boy Blue's messenging, to Prince Charming and Captain Sinbad's aerial assault. The Fables have human technology on their side, so the Adversary et al. are pretty much overwhelmed, except there's a small foreshadowing segment about sending every dragon to the air but one.

A very thorough issue that sets up the three-issue storyarc in which the Fables are totally gonna win the war.

Ultimate Spider-Man #122

by Brian Bendis and Stuart Immonen

If you're not reading this, you're really missing out on some good Peter-Parker-as-a-teenager. I really mean this. Like, two great stand-alone issue just came out, and you'd be remiss if you mised them.

The only gripe I have here is that the Shocker talks very thug-like when he's pretty much a scientist who's created all that technology. Also, this could have been a nice issue reconciling Kitty's and MJ's animosity, but the issue revolved more around the Shocker.

The art by Immonen is so expressive and clear and perfect for this book. Brian catches the perfect tone as well between Peter Parker the teenager, Peter Parker the goofball, Peter Parker the boyfriend and Peter Parker the superhero.

It's a damn shame that Amazing is selling better.

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