Is it really Captain Ameri-- oh, it's that guy

Y'know, it just hit me today how much Guardians of the Galaxy is nostalgia-based.

I mean, you have the "Universal Church of Truth," which is bogged in the Guardians' past as a villainesque entity, and then you have Gamora's former affection for Adam Warlock, and then you have this Vance Astro guy, who's supposed to be a former Guardians member.

You'd think these would all hinder the enjoyment of the comic, but truthfully? It's not that big an issue (hah, see what I did there?). It makes some pages, particularly the ones from the perspective of the Matriarch fruitless, and, considering how there was a pointless two-page fight in the issue, there are definitely reasons to cite this comic as decompressed.

Regardless, the character beats are still strong, from Drax's bitterness over his daughter's death, to Rocket Raccoon's sense of humor. I love how Rocket tries to squeeze himself on the bottom of every panel in an attempt to pass his name for the team.


One little complaint:

Guardians of the Galaxy #2

I'll keep reading, but I can't recommend this book to anyone yet. Read some Annihilation trades instead.

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