It was the perfect day to. . .

. . . have three blisters in two places. . .

. . . have a throat cold. . .

. . . walk in the rain. . .

-but most importantly-

. . . to go to Wizard World!


This was my second con, so I tried to go about things better. This time I went to one event (still ignored all the panels and all the artists' alleys. . . ), which was the public costume contest.

You can click here for the slideshow of the sixty-four pictures I took, of the contest as well as many many toys, but today, we're gonna look at precisely the costume contest.

crowd at the costume contest

To put it short, it's really all about fanservice, and honestly? You can never go wrong with that. People crowded around a hall (and a douchebag got in my camera several times), as cosplayers (costume + players = cosplayers) were let into the room. The audience determined a winner in each group by how loud it cheered for everyone, which is flawed, but is still fun in its own right.

It eventually gets to the point where there's only one group of four finalists left, and the cheering gets insane from there!

The first group was easy. They were the kids, and, well, they didn't really partake in the whole winning part. . .

kids' rank (ohmigod it's squirrel girl!)

Check out Squirrel Girl there, from the Great Lakes Avengers, on the right of Smallville Green Arrow! She's so adorable!

the jsa

There was also a JSA ensemble, which was pretty awesome. I really regret getting some closer pictures of Black Canary, because that person had a really pretty face structure.


Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series appeared too! Snaaaaaaake!

In the video game series, whenever Snake dies, his commlink goes
"Snake, do you copy? Snake! Snaaake!!!!"
so fans are always quick to jump on that when they get the chance!

gotham villains' ensemble (they're all so adorable!)

Okay, this was just adorable. It's a Gotham villain family ensemble, with The Batman versions of Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

Harley Quinn was blowing kisses to everyone, and that just got me right here.

deadpool! (and punisher and bucky)

Deadpool was fantastic! He knew how to milk slapstick out of everyone.

Like, he asked the Punisher to hold his grenade, and he always accidentally dropped his guns whenever he entered.

clark kent

Clark Kent. I wish he could've gotten more applause.

There was also a Superman who absolutely channeled Brandon Routh, but no one appeared to cheer for him either.

Is it true when they say that Superman is a dated character?


Optimus Prime!

He was amazing. His windows actually glowed; his headlights worked, and his license plate said OfficeMax.

checkin' out optimus' chassis

If that doesn't qualify for amazing, then you are a deficient human being lacking in humanity.

the movie x-men ensemble

An ensemble movie X-Men! They had everyone, from Colossus to Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops (I think two of them?), Jean, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, and X-23. They even movie-adapted Emma Frost! The only thing is, who is that girl in the blue?

Regardless, this ensemble was just packed with fanservice. When Professor X entered, for example, he said, "To me, my X-Men!" and later on, Wolverine and Colossus even did a Fastball Special!

beetle and booster (sorry for blurry)

and Booster. Just like their comics versions, they didn't get that much love either =(.

And those are the pictures I just showed you! You can go to the slideshow for more, such as Pimp Venom or Zatanna Zatara or a Sin City ensemble. The slideshow has some captions from me, and you'll see some of the pictures in that slideshow next post as well!

The contest had three finalists for the final round: Optimus Prime, the movie X-Men ensemble and a Mojo costume that was so huge they had to open both doors to let him in.

I didn't take pictures of that, but rather, a video. If you click the link, you can see some video annotations, but here it is right here:

And (Optimus) won! Yes!

Next post: toys, toys, toys and comics, comics, comics, and the rest of the stuff.

Again, you can check out the slideshow here. I apologize for having a crappy camera, but the slideshow is really cool, and I'm kinda proud of it.


Anonymous said...

um, the slideshow link requires a password, which none of us knows, and you will probably not want to put on the net.

Joyce said...

Have you tried putting them up on Picasa?

Kevin said...


Okay, thanks for letting me know; that problem should be fixed by now.

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