Wizard World Wednesday

Another Wednesday's passed, so you guys know what that means right?

It means we look at this week's comics! There's only one minor kink, which is, uh, the fact that I didn't get any today. I'm holding off on any spending for Wizard World Chicago. Wheeeeee.

So, in lieu of reviewing the week, I'm going to try a little something different.

tennis ball1

I'm gonna review this tennis ball I found at the park today.

Note the little turquoise streak. Any tennis ball connoisseur will tell by the hue that this ball has been through a wild ride, and I'm not taking about any roller coaster. This ball's been abused something fierce, but that's not what we're looking at is it?

No, further tests will prove that this tennis ball is severely lacking in one particular practical department.

tennis ball2

The piece a' crap doesn't freakin' bounce! How's anyone supposed to play some hardcore tennis with this?

I give this tennis ball one out of five deliriously insane blog posts. For shame, random-tennis-ball-that-I-picked-up-off-the-ground. For shame.

tennis ball FOR SHAME

Okay, I apologize for the insane post today. Send me any feedback on how you liked it (or not) if you want, but don't be too harsh now, y'hear? You don't really wanna hurt my feelings, do you?

And don't worry, guys. You can count on plenty of pictures from Wizard World!

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