3 words about Birds of Prey #119:

It was awesome.

What, you want more? Fine. You sure are picky.


The place is Platinum Flats, California, and the Birds make their own settlement there. Aside from some interesting ideas about superheroes attracting supervillains, Oracle sets her mind on opening a business. And what does she call it?

Birds of Prey #119

Clocktower systems! This is in reference to Oracle's legendary and original stronghold in Gotham City, the Clock Tower!



Birds of Prey #119

That's really all I need to say.


Birds of Prey #119

Ollie and Dinah together. . . and happy! Bedard's version of Green Arrow/Black Canary is delivering so much better than Winick's eight issues. Winick knows character neglect something fierce.

Ollie's expression rocks as well.


Some other stuff that I couldn't exactly scan include Lady Blackhawk, the awesomest Bird ever, or, at the very least, my favorite. She gets some panel time here, and any comic with Blackhawk panel time is a winner in my book. Zinda uses said time to give us some closure over the Killer Shark arc, and it is just so admirable how she shrugs it off. Zinda, you're such a trooper. I love you!

Enough swooning, though. A lot of this issue was spent actually on build-up and catch-up, from Oracle's alliance with the Calculator, to who the "Visionary" is and the evil secrets behind the "Findster" corporation, as well as the Birds setting up their new home and some build-up to the fight between Manhunter and Black Canary.

I really don't see the point behind making them fight, but if it keeps Dinah in Birds for one more issue, I'm all for it. Bedard feels like he knows what he's doing, who he's handling, and what he wants to do with our Birds.

Can you really argue with that?

(hint: buy the issue and find out!)


Anonymous said...

Ha, GA eats spaghetti like a retard.

Kevin T. said...

I know, right?

Wouldn't the whole world be better off if we followed suit!

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