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The summertime calls for many things. It calls for scraped knees; it calls for late-night bike rides. It calls for (more frequent) bouts of drunkenness, and, if you're in the states, it calls for a crapload of fireworks.

But most importantly, it calls for some hardcore summertime cleaning, no holds barred.

Today we go through my reading roster, to see what's changed, what hasn't, and what's about to. I have a listing of the roster -- updated on the sidebar, around the bottom of the sidebar content. You might also notice that I've put some new pictures on the sidebar about the M.O.vengers and Green Arrow's descent into poor writing. I've also removed the Free Comic Book Day banner and updated the title banner for the blog, but enough of that. . .

. . .Are you ready to rock????? (a little note: most of the links below will link to reviews of the comics in question, which I do so you can see the reasoning for the opinions I state here!)

Comics I "read"

* Amazing Spider-Man (on and off)
The "on and off" remains, and although I picked up the most recent arc, I'm not going to get back to the title until Slott gets back on "New Ways to Die" with John Romita Jr. One More Day is still a travesty, but a) that creative team is wonderful and b) I really want this title to respect the characters again.


* Birds of Prey
The creative team is taking such a shuffle that I'm getting vertigo! First Tony Bedard takes over (which I'm actually fine with, although his debut issue was mediocre at best).

And then Nicola Scott's leaving to work on a Secret Six ongoi--

--whoa, felt a little dizzy there. Gimme a sec to recover myself, grab some water.

Ah! Nothing like some fresh Aquafina to brighten your day! Aquafina -- Pure Water, Pure Taste!

And Oracle-Approved, even!

* Bloodrayne
When I was a kid, I always wanted to play the video game, but couldn't, because I didn't have a PS2.

I'm a kid now, but older, so I can at least read the comics. It always seems like they come out late, but that's partially because it gets so little attention.

It's fun vampire action, and really, what else does a kid need?

* Booster Gold
I got this, because it's pretty much a love letter to the DC Universe and all its history, and I thought I could understand some DC history through this.

It's not really working out as well as I wish, so I'm thinking about dropping it.

The problem is, I hate dropping books, because it makes me feel like a bad and noncommittal person.

* Catwoman
I got onto this book late, but I'm really enjoying what Will Pfeifer is doing with Selina. It's a damn shame that it's getting cancelled at issue 82.


The quality of the writing is splendid, and I think the world would be better if people would stop complaining about books like Final Crisis and instead supported small, underappreciated books like this.

* Detective Comics
I have great affection for Paul Dini's style of writing (compressed, done-in-one) and for Dustin Nguyen's art (sleek, stylistic, emotional), so you can tell that I've been enjoying Detective.

The problem is, this guy called "Hush" is returning, and there's a lot of hype about it, but I feel like I'm missing out on something important, because I only recognize him from that "Hush" crossover between Batman and Detective.

* Fables

It's Fables.

It's great.

* Hack/Slash

I read way too many horror comics to be squeamish, but Hack/Slash is one of them. It has its on and off days, but this too seems to be on a late schedule, so I'm okay with coughing up dough for it.

It's lost some of its humorous edge for a more serious tone, and I can admire that. Emily Stone's art continues to be beautiful.

* House of Mystery

I know I haven't been blogging about this fledgling series, but I'm really enjoying it so far, and waiting for some new issues to really solidify that enjoyment.

Y'know what would help that decision?

Some ice-cool Aquafina. Aquafina -- Pure Water, Pure Taste!

* Nova
It's Nova.


It's awesome.

* Sky Doll
Sky Doll isn't your average comic, and in this day and age, that's a wonderful note to hear.

A smart comic about one sky doll's need for freedom, and although the six-dollar price point sounds high, that's six dollars for 44 pages. One issue of Sky Doll is worth two average issues, and take it from me, guys -- it's totally worth it.

* Supergirl (occasionally)
That issue with Pfeifer and Randall caught me off-guard, and I'm still reeling from it. I just have no idea what's going on anymore, and Puckett is taking way too long to wrap up his cancer arc.

Supergirl 28

I'd like to believe you Kara, but it's getting damn hard to.

* Wonder Woman
I earlier felt enthusiastic about Simone, the new writer for Wonder Woman, but to tell you the truth? Not so much right now. I wish I had a reason to tell you why, but if I did, I'd be lying to myself.

* X-Men: First Class
I have a Marvel subscription to this, and although I'm still vaguely enthusiastic about it, the only reason I'm still reading this is because I'm too lazy to cancel the sub.


If you haven't noticed, I've eliminated a few comics. Green Arrow/Black Canary has disappointed me in neglecting who the characters are, so I had no choice but to drop it. Ollie and Dinah deserve so much more than what Winick is writing them.

Oh, Dinah, there's no need to be bashful now. I'll still skim through your book though.

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, Dead of Night, featuring: Man-Thing, and Countdown to Mystery are all miniseries that have ended, so I've taken them off the list.

Gonzo kick
This is Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard. He is awesome.

And I suppose that does it for the comics I read. Maybe you wanna speak up about one of them? Wanna recommend your own?

By the by, I'm planning on dropping a couple books that I talked about here, so I could fit in DC's Manhunter series in the list.

So step right up and don't be shy! Your opinion matters!

(P.S. please don't mind the product placement. Aquafina had a gun to my hea--

And never forget citizens! On your way to the comic shop and as you comment here, look for some ice-cool Aquafina! Aquafina -- Pure Water, Pure Taste!)

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