Teen Titans vol. 6: The Ultimate Chocolate Analogy?

Teen Titans vol. 6: Titans around the World
by Geoff "I take too long to write a story arc" Johns, Tony "Wasn't he the guy from BATMAN: RIP?" Daniel, and some fill-ins

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: In the line-wide event ONE YEAR LATER, every DC title jumped ahead, well. . . one year later. With the help of Tony Daniel and a couple fill-in artists, Geoff Johns attempts to tell an interesting story with the Teen Titans by shaking up the roster, and introducing some new teens to the Teen Titans.

WHAT I LIKED: You certainly can't fault Johns for his choice in characters. Kid Devil brings some lightheartedness to the team, while a lot of the other, older members seem to just weigh the story down with MOODY MOODY MOODY. Ravager (daughter of Deathstroke) has a pretty headstrong attitude that makes for some pretty funny (and sexy?) situations.

From Zachary Zatara's brattiness to M'gann M'orzz's innocence, Johns knows how to give each character personality, and he knows how to write their banter as well. It kinda reminds of Bendis writing in Ultimate Spider-Man.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: The colorists for this title SUCK.


Come on guys. Come on. Mia doesn't have a freakin' boob window on her costume. That's ridiculous.

M'gan M'rse

Why would Miss Martian, the sweetest, most adorable teen titan, wear a swimsuit as a costume? Come on guys. You suck.
Why wasn't any of this corrected for the trade?

Probably the biggest flaw with this trade, though, is how many cast members it tries to juggle. In the first arc, the Doom Patrol plays a huge role in it -- which is not a good thing, because after being introduced to these new titans, the LAST thing you wanna do is throw another team at us, with their own angst and backstories! This isn't as bad in the following arc of the trade, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

EXTRAS?: Cover gallery at the end. This is still 15 bucks for issues 34-41 (8 issues), though, so not too shabby.

This is a nice thing to check out from the library, but nothing more. It's kinda like a partially melted Kit Kat bar. It doesn't taste too bad while you're eating it, but as soon as you're done, well, great, you got your hands all dirty. It's not really worth spending money on, unless you're a die-hard Teen Titans fan.

Just get a Clark Bar instead.
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