Amazing Spider-Man #596 (or: the many emotions of Harry Osborn)

by Joe kelly and Paulo Siqueira

Here is Harry Osborn bein' all angry at all them wrasslin' what's dergrading our children's minds:
the many emotions of harry osborn

Similarly, here is Harry showing his reaction to Illinoisan Suburb Crestwood's drinking contaminated water for 20 years:
the many emotions of harry osborn

Now, here's Spider-Man when he found out about our nation's economic downturn:
spidey finding out about the economy

hahaha no seriously. Phil Jimenez penciled the first part of "American Son," and Paulo Siqueira does the second, and I've missed his art soooo bad. He had an excellent number of issues on Birds of Prey, and while I don't exactly agree with the way he draws Spider-Man, I love love love the way he draws facial expressions!

Hahah! Look how affectionately Bullseye Hawkeye looks at his booger!

In terms of the story, I didn't read part 1 and wasn't confused at all. I find it disappointing that in five-part stories, you don't really have to pick up the pace until the third or so issue, but it was fun enough. The issue mainly consisted of random little scenes that had little to do with each other, with one semi-big cliffhanger, but it has Joe Kelly's trademark black humor, so I won't exactly complain. I just won't praise it either =/.

As a little note, this is, what, the first time that Norah's appeared in Amazing since, what, 576? TWENTY ISSUES! That means every writer who isn't Joe has been neglecting her for twenty issues! If I were Norah, I'd be pissed, but then again, Siqueira draws her soooooo cute:
norah winters

Lastly, here is Harry Osborn enacting a scene from The Karate Kid:
the many emotions of harry osborn

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Sea-of-Green said...

Harry Osborn has always had one of the worst hairstyles in comics. I think it may even be worse than Wolverine's!

And yet, in the Spider-Man movies, Osborn is played by the OH-so-pretty James Franco. Go figure.

Stats a-go-go