Thunderbolts #132

by Andy Diggle and Roberto De La Torre

If you haven't guessed already, I am through with my freshman year of university, and ready for summer! Let's get cozy with some comics now.

What I love about Thunderbolts is how cynical it is. I love how selfish and hateful and manipulative and just all-around-unfriendly these people are. And they still manage to succeed in their missions! It's wonderful.

Andy Diggle's Thunderbolts add a new member to the roster, and this guy is ridiculously manly.
Mr. X is MANLY

HUAARRRGHH! All of a sudden I feel the urge to eat my weight's worth in hamburgers. Speaking of manly, Black Widow AKA Yelena Belova AKA the only female on Diggle's T-bolts, is drawn exceedingly butch in one panel by Roberto de la Torre:
Yelena is MANLY
Because ballet, of course, is an exceedingly butch activity.

All in all, this was a great issue. The T-Bolts set out to recruit Mr. X, a "connoiseur of killing," and they succeed with High-Octane Ballet Action.
Paladin is MANLY

There's a beautifully cynical twist at the height of the fight, that I did NOT see coming, and is why I read Thunderbolts. Best of ALL, though, this took one issue to tell. One issue! You don't see that very often; thank you Andy Diggle. Thank you so much.
Suffice to say, I am totally looking forward to next ish, which sees the return of Songbird -- possibly the only redeemable T-Bolts member.

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***Cass said...

She does look like a man! A little thinner and i'd be thinking she and Joker shop at the same tutu place.

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