Brand Loyalty can't beat an empty wallet =(

Nebulae unfolding! I find myself. . . on Earth again - but not alone! What could be the rhyme, what could be the reason -AH!

Greetings to you all, earthlings! Much to my dismay, I fear that I am the herald. The herald of - bad news! 'tis a mischance not even the likes of Galactus could dare! 'tis the news that. . .that. . .

. . . a blogger was without the money to buy comics this week? This news is that that put a chill in my skin of silver? Horribly unmoved does this ma-

Hark! My master beckons! And where Galactus calls - the Surfer must answer!


He-hey guys. It's tony *hic* tony *hic* ton- Iron Man here guyz. Iron Man. That's me. I don't know who this guy here is te-telling me to read this right note, but c'mon in, guys. C'mon in, an grab a drink, it's all *hic* on me.

Oh right the note. This note. This note right here. In my hand. Let's see *hic* Let's *hic* let's *hic* lesse what it says:

"Kevin, unfrotu- unfrotuna- ufnortu- unfortu-, uhhh, unfrotunetly didna-didn't have the *hic* cash for yester- no toda- no this week's comics.

"He-he missed out on Wonder *hic* Wonder Woman nummer sisteen, and Amazi- *hic* -ng Spider-Man nummer fivefordyeight. Stoopid Spider-Man. Those-*hic* are the comics he miss-missed out on, so, so, but, but as soon as he *hic* gets his hands on them, he'll, he'll review them for you.

"He regre-*hic*-ts having no money, but that-that's a problem, that I, Ton-*hic*-Ton-*hic*-Ton-*hic*-Iron Man will work on. That's me. Iron Man. I'm gunna, I'm gunna work on this."

[falls onto table]


Thanks Tony, thanks Norrin, for making an appearance on the blog. Don't be strangers now, you hear?

Unfortunately, I couldn't get Wondy or Spidey this week, but as soon as I get them in my hands, they'll be on the blog, alright? I apologize, and hope this is some form of consolation:
It's a page from Wizard, on the brand new villains in brand new day. Honestly, I'm looking forward to Screwball.

Without any comics to review thus far though, I didn't want there to be no material this week, so I'm gonna go ahead and review a certain animated movie about a certain superteam where people do some certain assembling.

Yep, that's the one.

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