Queen Killer Conclusion!

I'm sure we all know how Zinda Blake became Queen Killer Shark (pirate pearl of the pacific!) in Birds of Prey issue number 115. Subsequently, through the power of ass-kicking and !friendship!, she reverted back to Lady Blackhawk and regained herself.

Now that that's over with, I think it's time to step back a little, to see exactly where McKeever is coming from.

I think it's time to have ourselves a little silver age nonsense (c).

But let's hold on here. Can we really call it nonsense until we have. . .


. . . a punch in the face!

Blackhawk 228

And needless thought bubbles!


And ridiculous plot resolution!

It's ridiculous, I know. Ridiculous and glorious at the same time. If you don't like McKeever's handling of the Birds, it could be much, much more chees--

--GAH! I hit my head. . . I'm kayoed!

What was I talking about? Hm, whatever, just enjoy this last panel from Blackhawk #228, the Blackhawk's very last issue. It's also the last issue in which Zinda Blake returned to us as Lady Blackhawk - pilot porter of people through ports!

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