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It's been one month since I disavowed Brand New Day. That was at the end of Guggenheim/Larroca's arc, at which point I transferred my Marvel subscription, but then there were two more issues left in said subscription.

Amazing Spider-Man

How'd they turn out?

Do my feelings about Brand New Day change?

Am I more willing to accept Peter Parker's regression to a 40-year-old status quo?

What will I have for breakfast tomorrow? Eggs? Boiled or fried?

Brand New Day

Boiled? or fried???

On to the comics. No formal review today, just some thoughts and a couple panels.

I like Bob Gale. I like that he's having fun with the series, and that fun is genuine. Guggenheim's, on the other hand, sounded forced and distasteful.

Gale creates a writer personality within the comic. He calls himself "Buy 'em all Bob" when he tells us what we missed last issue, and he is constantly poking fun at the editors. It's hilarious.


He knows how to have some fun with the bullpen, and it really shows here. If Brand New Day was trying to nail Stan Lee-style humor, then it really started working not with Slott, not with Guggenheim, but with Gale here.

Personally, I've griped about Phil Jimenez. The guy has an absolutely horrid rendition of Spidey's head. Spidey has a nose in there, didja know!


But he is a master at panelling. He manages to fit so much into the page that I feel like I'm getting more than my 3 bucks' worth.


My real gripe, though, isn't about the art. It's about (what should be) the biggest aspect in the book: Peter Parker.

He's reduced to nothing but a superhero photographer. What happened to the Peter who was a role model? Where is his character depth? Why is he acting like a teenager again?

Brand New Day

Of course, the answer is, because no one wants to read about a mature Peter Parker.

Or so Marvel wants me to think.

Regardless, Gale and Jimenez deal with Brand New Day very well. The way they're handling it is great. What they have to handle, well, that's a different story.

Waiting for a good place to get back on the Spidey train, but next arc is definitely not a contestant. I absolutely detest Bachalo's pencils. There are no contours to his anatomy, just single curves, and he underexaggerates their bodies, as if they're children. And everyone looks like they're grimacing!

I'm gonna go away now, before my head hits the keyboard out of exasperazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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