Uncle Sam Presents: Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard!

Let's take a break from weekly reviews for now. Let's have a little breather.

Let's show Gonzo some android love.

Gonzo and Senator Knight

And you thought ballet was dangerous.

Here, Senator Kni-oh, excuse me, former Senator Knight is killed by Gonzo -in the chest!!!- as Gonzo usurps his identity and subsequently. . .

. . . runs for president of America! And guess what?

Gonzo talks

Gonzo succeeds!

Gonzo was sent to Earth by the Mathmagicians of the Anti-Life Equation to spread chaos across the Earth, and what better place to do it than the American presidency, of course?

Uncle Sam (and the Freedom Fighters!) eventually learn of this plan, and try to stop him.

Gonzo kick


Gonzo rocks. You can find his wiki here. All scans taken from Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, the first eight-issue miniseries by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Daniel Acuna. I'm really impressed that Acuna, the artist, managed to do his own pencilling and his own inking and his own coloring, all to a monthly schedule!

Stats a-go-go