Fables #71: Girls just wanna have guns

Time and time again, I'll find the guts to try a book that I've only read from the library or only heard from hearsay.

Oh look, here they are, in:

Fables 71
Fables #71

by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham

What if the legends of Aesop and Grimm lived and hid secretly in our world?

The answer is this book, Fables, in which the "fables" try to reclaim their homeland, Fabletown, from an unknown invader, the Adversary. Meanwhile, the humans, or "mundys" (short for mundane) live ignorant of them.

Strong enough premise, right? I've read the first three trades for this or so, and it hasn't disappointed me, so I thought I'd check out last month's issue.

Here, Cinderella (the spy!) goes to Argentina to get a "package." She meets up with some people who end up kidnapping her:
Fables 71

Note the little heels on the right side. They are so adorable. Those lined the borders of each page, alternating from (white heel in black circle) to (black heel in white circle), depending on the panel. It helped create the feeling that we're reading a fairy tale.

Fables 71


Cinderella kills her kidnappers and gets to the "package," who turns out to be Pinocchio, the long-nosed wonder!

Since their transportation arrangement went under, Cindy and Pinocchio have to get to a hotel.

There, Hansel (who's a villain!) takes Pinocchio in order to understand the war plans that the Fable community has for the adversary.

Cindy takes a seat, looks down, checks her watch: the assault for Fabletown has already begun. Cliffhanger is GO!

That's the issue. According to this wiki, Fables is predominantly crime fiction, which I'm not exactly a rabid fan of. I would've liked to see more "fantasy" here than "crime," but it's always good to broaden your horizons right?

I'll be getting next issue (coming out next week!) which concludes the two-part "Skulduggery," but if I'm not too excited for the series, I think I'll take a look at The Exterminators.
Anything you wanna say about the series? Maybe you read it with much more background knowledge than me, and you can enlighten me? 'cause I'm very much up for that.

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