Bird-watching: observations of Simone's writing

For a female, Gail Simone's writing is actually kinda testosterone-charged.

To be sure, this is on the basis that -- on the average -- stories about emotions and relationships are for women, and stories about explosions and fighting are for men -- on the average, may I remind you.

Taking this into account, Simone writes more like a man than a woman. In Secret Six, Birds of Prey and what have you, she's historically written long story-arcs that are plot-driven over character-driven with lots and lots of explosions. Although she never fails to give strong character moments, her stories have a history of big fights and widescreen action.

And truly, there is no greater example than. . .

. . . the Harley-Misfit Saga.

(in four panels)

Misfit fires the opening round with a salvo of --

Misfit's Darrrk Vengeance!

Until everything gets down and dirty!

Misfit fights Harley

Ooh, they're busting out with the low blows now!

Harley v. Misfit

But then the fight gets called on account of ice-goddess-re-emerging-from-the-dead and Rocket-Red-firing-squad-about-to-fire:

We don't exactly know who lost, but we definitely know who won: the fans.

All scans taken from Birds of Prey: Whitewater, which ran from issues 104 to 108. It was collected in a trade paperback called Birds of Prey: Dead of Winter.

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