Covers -- just wanna have fu-un

In an attempt to maintain prompt blogging, today we're just gonna look at some covers in my backlog.

Why? Because it's fun.

Wonder Woman

IN THIS ISSUE: Wonder Woman gets shot by an assassin! Either that or she seriously needs to talk to a better hairstylist. Crosshairs are not in this season.

ALSO: The Flash eats a spoiled meatball! Will the fastest man on earth have . . . the longest diarrhea?!?!?!

Sinister Covers

I can't poke any holes in these covers. Darn.

I just think they're really pretty. I am of course a huge fan of John Romita Jr., the guy whose work you see on the right. His style is like an updated modern-retro style, and juxtaposed with the Byrne cover, it looks even cooler.

I'm really looking forward to the day he comes back to work on Amazing Spider-Man.


"It's Lady Blackhawk -- flying through the air -- and smashing that boulder!"

Unnecessary exposition? Check.
Spastic use of dashes? Check.
Hilarious reactions to superpowers? Check.
The mime-like gesture from Blackhawk. . . Check!

Never change, Silver Age. Never change.

Although: Zinda looks like she needs to eat in this cover. Take a hint from the Flash, honey -- I'm sure he's gotten some fresh food by now!

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